Study Finds Kids Not Too Keen On Eating High Sugar Breakfast

If you think that kids only will eat breakfast if it caters to their sweet tooth, think again. A study shows that kids may also happily eat a low-sugar breakfast more easily than previously thought. Kids seem to happily eat low-sugar cereals for breakfast if they are given a selection of foods to eat for breakfast. Many kids may also opt for eating fruit to compensate for any missing sweetness in their breakfast.

The study involved 91 urban kids who took part in a summer day camp program in New England. Most of the kids were from minority families and around 60 percent were Spanish-speaking. In the said study, the kids were offered different cereal choices for breakfast. Of the total, 46 kids were allowed to choose from one of three high-sugar cereals which have an average of 12 grams of sugar per serving. The other 45 kids were given choices from three low-sugar cereals. All of the kids were also given other choices such as low-fat milk, orange juice, strawberries, bananas and extra sugar.

The kids in both groups took in the same amount of calories on average for breakfast. But the children in the high-sugar group consumed twice as much sugar than the others. The kids in this group also drank less orange juice and ate less fruit. The kids in the low-sugar group were just as happy with their breakfast. Most of the kids found a cereal that they liked, even if the choices provided were low-sugar cereals.

The study findings confirm that it does not necessarily matter for kids whether their cereal for breakfast is high in sugar or not in order to like them. Kids are also happy with eating low sugar cereals. This is opposite from a common belief among parents that kids won’t eat cereals if they aren’t loaded in sweetness.



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