Common Reasons For Belly Fat

Having belly fat is a serious concern among many adults, male and female. Not only is belly fat an unsightly addition to one’s physical appearance, it can also bring about some health consequences. Although one may not want to accumulate some belly fat over the years, there are some common habits that seem to make people do so. Here are some of the common ones:

Living With Too Much Stress

It is a fact that most people now live more stressful lives. Although most people may not be aware of it, stress can actually help the body accumulate belly fat. Research shows that increased levels of stress can lead to increased levels of cortisol which can then lead to excess stomach fat.

Too Much TV

People watching too much TV can easily be accumulating belly fat. Research shows that people who watch at least two hours of television on a daily basis end up having weaker abs and back muscles. This is regardless of their overall activity.

Eating Empty Carbs

People who eat the type of carbs found in refined foods may also have it easier in accumulating belly fat than those who choose eating the whole grain variety. It seems that the body easily converts carbohydrates from refined processed food into fat for storage. This usually ends up in your belly if those carbs are not being used up as energy.

Regular Midnight Snacks

Many people now find it easier to take that late night snack before going to sleep. Since the body may not be able to burn up the snack as efficiently as it can during the day, it might turn out as body fat that gets stored in the belly. If you are planning to tighten up that stomach and get rid of the fat, you might want to pass up on some late night snacks.


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