Myths About Hair Loss

Hair loss seems to be a common problem among many people today. A common byproduct of aging, most men dread hair loss and are not always willing to part with their mane and would do anything to keep it as long as they can. There are other contributors to hair loss such as genetics, illness and even certain chemicals. But along with this, there are certain hair loss myths that seem to bother many men which turn out to be unfounded and untrue. Here are some of those myths:

Myth 1: Wearing hats often can cause baldness.

This has been found to be quite untrue. Contrary to the belief that hats can strain the hair follicles and cause hair loss, wearing them for long periods of time does not cause any harm whatsoever. A possible exception may be wearing dirty hats that may cause a scalp infection and that may sometimes cause hair loss.

Myth 2: Gels and hairsprays can cause balding.

Men can continue to use these grooming products because contrary to what many believe, they don’t cause balding. The same is true with using shampoo that some men still wrongly believe can cause baldness.

Myth 3: Too much carbohydrate intake can lead to hair loss.

This is a myth. Eating carbohydrates and other nutrients does not have any effect on hair loss. In fact, the body needs them in order to maintain a healthy head of hair. What may contribute to hair loss is the lack of certain nutrients such as iron. Some studies link iron deficiency to gradual hair loss. But taking iron supplements can easily help restore hair growth.

Myth 4: Sun exposure can cause hair loss.

This is also not true. Sun exposure does not contribute to hair loss, although too much exposure to UV rays can damage the skin which might also affect hair growth. But generally daily but adequate exposure to the sun is not a factor that would cause one to go bald.


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