Study Suggests Pollutants Sent Into Bloodstream While Losing Weight

A recent study shows that weight loss may have an unfortunate side effect even though it might be of help to people who may have too much weight to carry. Researchers from Kyungpook National University in Daegu, South Korea have discovered that the pollutants and chemicals found in body fat may find its way into the bloodstream as the fats are broken down during weight loss which can possibly cause disease.

Dr. Duk-Hee Lee, study researcher and a professor at the Kyungpook National University, and a team of researchers analyzed data collected by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention covering a period from 1999 to 2002. as part of the analysis, the researchers selected seven pollutants that showed the highest detection rates in blood samples and are found to be concentrated on 1,099 people with ages 40 years old and above with measurable levels of the said pollutants in their blood who had either gained or lost weight recently.

The study showed that those who lost weight were found to have higher levels of the pollutants selected in their bloodstream compared to those who have gained weight. According to Dr. Lee, “A lot of studies have shown that losing weight is helpful.” But there might also be possible negative effects like the release of pollutants and chemicals stored in body fat as they break down during weight loss.

The researchers also noted that the study used self-reported information that was gathered from the participants of the data collection conducted by CDC. And because of this, there might be a possibility of error in some cases. Further study and research might be required in order to establish the findings of the study as fact.



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