High Cholesterol Levels In Young Adults

People may generally think that high cholesterol levels may only be a concern for older, middle aged adults. But due to the changes in the way humans lived as well as the general lifestyles that they follow, this concern may now be increasingly affecting younger adults as well. Doctors have been seeing an increase of young adults 25 years old and below having to deal with high cholesterol levels.

Alarming Statistics

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute or NHLBI, acceptable levels of cholesterol for those who are between the ages 2 to 19 years old average less than 170mg. But recent statistics have shown that about one third of young adults now have cholesterol levels that are above 200mg. This new statistic may indicate that more and more young adults may be at a higher risk of developing heart disease as they approach the adult years.

Possible Causes

There can be various factors why more and more young adults may be having higher cholesterol levels than before. Genetics may be partly to blame as teens and young adults found with high cholesterol levels also tend to have parents suffering from high cholesterol. Another possible factor may be a high fat diet in which more and more young people are being exposed to with the popularity of fast foods and junk foods.

Young teens and adults are also increasingly leading a more sedentary lifestyle that lacks of regular exercise. More and more children find it more convenient playing video games and watching TV for entertainment rather than going outside to play. The lack of exercise and physical activity further leads to more and more children becoming victims of obesity which also may add to the risk of high cholesterol levels.

Treatments For Young Adults

Because of this increasing risk of high cholesterol in children, parents may now be advised to have their children checked for their cholesterol levels. Those who are found to be at risk may need to be treated in order to help reduce the risks associated with having high cholesterol at such an early age. Although there are various medications available that will help young adults lower their cholesterol levels, there are other more practical and effective ways to for parents to do this.

Healthy diet and regular exercise still seem to be the best treatment combination for high cholesterol in young people. A diet low in saturated fats as well as cholesterol may help young teens reduce their cholesterol levels further. Increased physical activity through regular exercise may also provide a more effective means of controlling high cholesterol. Medications for lowering cholesterol levels in young people should be used only as a means when diet or regular exercise may not be enough or possible. It may also be sued for young people who may have a family history of heart disease or diabetes.


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