Becoming A Morning Person

There are some people who may find it hard being a morning person. They find it difficult to wake up in the morning. They feel less energetic getting up in bed to meet the rising sun. there are ways that might help such people get the best of the morning by following these tips.

Splash some cold water.

One way to feel invigorated in the morning is taking a splash of cold water on your face. Although it might be tempting to wash your face with warm water, it would just make you feel even tired as hot or warm water can increase the swelling and you might end up waking up with puffy eye bags. Cold water, on the other hand, can help prevent puffy eye bags by shrinking the veins in your eyes to make them look less bloodshot.

Make use of scents.

It seems that there are certain scents that can make people feel refreshed and awake in the morning. Researchers have noted that citrus and peppermint scents help induce wakefulness by stimulating the trigeminal nerve, that same nerve that is stimulated when using smelling salts. One good habit would be peeling an orange during breakfast and trying to smell the awakening scent or drink some peppermint tea to start your day.

Lighting matters, too.

Another way to help you get up feeling refreshed even in the early morning is by using light to help you get accustomed at the start of your day. Flooding your room with light in the morning can help you wake up easier than trying to wake up in the dark. There are even lamps that mimic the gradual coming of sunrise in order to help make people naturally wake up in the morning. People who use such a lamp may also feel more natural and refreshed when waking up in the morning. Use it if you think that even the most jarring alarm sounds can’t get you to get out of your bed.


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