Habits That Lead To Sleepless Nights

Some people may experience sleepless nights in one time or another. Finding it hard to sleep can have some underlying reasons. And most of the time, it may be the fault of the individual following some habits that may lead to having some trouble sleeping at night. Here are some of the culprits that may lead people to this.

Vigorous exercise 4 hours before bedtime.

Working up a sweat by doing some exercises can make your heart rate go up. This can lead your body to stress up and work double time instead of relaxing. The end result is that one has trouble trying to settle down and sleep. A better alternative is by trying out relaxing exercises instead before bedtime to help relax and soothe the body to sleep.

Drinking alcohol 4 to 6 hours before bedtime.

Other people may consider drinking alcohol as a means to sleep well at night. But this might be a big mistake. Alcohol does make one feel drowsy and sleepy. But once its effect wears off, the body will begin feeling restless, making even harder for one to sleep.

Staying busy until bedtime.

Some people just can’t help but to make their time matter to the point that they try to stay productive until bedtime. But staying busy can make the brain stay active longer, making it work even when it may be time to rest. The thoughts that may come regarding work may make it hard for one to feel relaxed and drowse off to sleep.

Eating a large meal after 7 pm.

Eating would mean keeping the stomach active. Eating a large meal can even make it work more. What may make one find trouble sleeping after a large meal is that the gastrointestinal tract can take hours to settle down. Until then, one may find it hard to sleep even when the body already needs to.

Not eating since lunch.

While eating large meals at night can make one stay awake, going to bed on an empty stomach will also do the same thing. If you haven’t eaten anything since lunch, the hunger pangs can be enough to prevent one from staying relaxed enough to sleep during bedtime. Eating a high-carb snack and drinking milk would usually help take care of the problem.


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