Surprising But Sensible Health Tips

People hear of a lot of health tips from many sources. Most of the time, they get the same health tips over and over again. But there are also some other health tips out there that may be quite unique, even to the point of being surprising. But they do make some sense if you look closer into them. Here are just some of those unique and surprising health tips that you may want to start following.

Lean back on your office chair while working.

To some, this might indicate that you might be relaxing and taking it easy while working. But trying to lean back on your chair at the office can actually help reduce the pressure on your spine. According to researchers, sitting with your torso at a 90 degree angle can put considerable strain to your spine. Trying to lean back can reduce some of that pressure. The ideal angle to follow is 45 degree from the vertical. Leaning at a lesser angle would also be good enough as well.

Use a bathroom stall nearest the door.

To some people, this tip might mean nothing, but it does make some sense when you think about it. It just so happens that the first toilet stall nearest the door is usually the cleanest and the least used most of the time. That is because most people tend to pass over the first stall and usually go to the farthest one instead. Its just some quirky human nature. And chances are, the first stall would have some toilet paper available when you go in.

Avoid blowing your nose when you have a cold.

Blowing your nose can help you relieve the discomfort that you feel when you have a cold. But doing so can also prolong it. Blowing your nose can force the mucus and the germs back into your nasal passages and cause it to linger there, prolonging the cold further in exchange for some temporary relief that nose blowing can provide.

Don’t eat out of the original container.

Whether it’s ice cream or a family bag of chips, try to avoid eating them from their original containers. Also avoid using extra large plates, cups or bowls. People tend to finish up what they’re eating from the container. You would be ending up eating too much than you should in the process.


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