Common Products That May Also Be Cancer Risks

The recent announcement by WHO that mobile phone use may be a possible cancer risk and hazard may have become a cause of concern for many people. The fact that mobile phones are quite common everyday items that people use, being considered a cancer risk may have worried some cellphone users. But there are also other everyday products that may have links to cancer that most people may not be aware about. Here are some of them.

Talcum Powder

That common product used to dry the skin or prevent skin rashes may also be a cancer risk for women. Talcum powder may cause ovarian cancer in women, especially if they are being applied in the female genitals. In an analysis of 16 different studies, there was a 30 percent increase in ovarian cancer risk among women who are also talcum powder users. A safer alternative that women may consider is cornstarch.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Another cancer risk for women is hormone replacement therapy. The treatment in pill form, patch or vaginal ring known to relieve women of menopausal symptoms may also raise the risk for breast cancer in women. Estrogen only HRT is also linked to uterine cancer, which may increase the risk in women five times as compared to those who do not use HRT. Doctors advise women to take HRT for the shortest possible period of time to lessen their risks.


This very popular beverage known the world over has also been quite popular when it comes to the debate over its benefits and health risks. Studies show that drinking coffee may increase the risk for some cancers while it might also cut the risk on other cancer types. Coffee drinking may increase the risk of bladder cancer. But on the other hand, a relatively new study indicates that drinking six or more cups of coffee daily may decrease the risk of prostate cancer in men by as much as 60 percent. But then again, another study indicated that drinking two or more cups of coffee daily can also raise the risk of lung cancer by 14 percent.


Drinking too much alcohol has long been linked to increased cancer risk in both men and women. According to a study, around 10 percent of cancer cases in men and 3 percent in women are triggered by too much alcohol. The researchers say that these cancers- colon, liver, breast and in the upper digestive tract- may have been preventable if only people limit themselves to one or two alcoholic drink per day.


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