Boosting Your Brain Power

Most people would want to have some improved brain power much like people would want to have improved muscles. But what can one actually do in order to help boost their brain power? Here are some of the simple ways that this can be done.

Do routine activities a different way.

One of the simple ways to sharpen your mind is by doing things differently from what your brain has been accustomed to. This usually helps your brain into making new connections and stimulate certain parts of it in the process. Try brushing your teeth or even writing using the other hand. Do those usual activities into something that you have not been accustomed to. This will help stimulate your brain.

Drink enough water daily.

This may be the simplest task you can do to at least help boost your brain power. The brain is composed of 80 percent water. Giving your brain enough water for it to stay hydrated makes it able to function well. Insufficient hydration on the other hand can cause the neurons to function improperly. So make it a habit to drink at least eight 6-ounce glasses of water daily for the sake of your brain.

Ease off the overtime at work.

People might think that working additional hours almost daily may help improve productivity and how much they can do in the office. But studies show that working overtime on a regular basis is correlated to lower vocabulary and reasoning scores on tests. Experts believe that stress arising from too much work can cause lack of sleep as well as other related problems that may contribute to lessen your brain power.

Socialize at work.

Talking with co-workers during break time can also help boost your brain power. Social interaction can help stimulate your brain by making it process information as well as gauging responses of other people.


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