Easy Ways to Stay Cold-Free

The cold season may now be coming in, bringing along its share of viruses and flu. While it may be quite hard to stay away from colds during this time of the year, it can also be prevented. Here are some easy and common ways to stay cold-free.

Wash Hands Regularly

This oft repeated advice still works well in trying to keep cold-free. People usually get germs and viruses from person to person contact, usually through the hands. Trying to keep your hands clean by washing it regularly can help you prevent contract some of the germs that might get you sick.

Get Enough Sleep

This advice is not new but is something that most people fail to follow. Trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep daily is quite difficult for most people living in a very stress-filled environment. But sleep is still the best recourse to staying healthy. Enough sleep can help recharge your immune system and make it function well. It can also help your body recuperate and recharge from the day to day grind that it has to go through.

Get Some Fresh Air

While staying indoors may be more comfortable during the cold season, it can also lead to higher risks of catching colds. Indoor air is known to harbor a greater number of germs and viruses, simply because they do not circulate properly and that they are being shared by a countless number of people. Going out to have some fresh air now and then can help you break away from this. Walking outside can also help as a form of exercise, boosting your immune system and making your body more able to resist infections.

Learn to Relax

Living a stressful life can make you get sick easier. That is because too much stress can impair your body’s ability to fight off infection or susceptibility to colds. Long term stress causes the body to release stress hormones which impairs the body’s ability to produce cytokines, cell-signaling molecules that triggers the fighting response in the immune system. Getting rid of stress can help you boost your immune system and your body’s ability to fight off colds.


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