Waking Habits And Your Personality

Just like any other habit can tell something of what type of person you are, so can your waking habits. How you wake up in the morning can actually tell a lot about your personality. Here are some of the common waking habits of people and what they can tell you about their personality.

Multiple Alarm Clock Owner

There are some people who prefer using two or several alarm clocks to wake them up each morning. People who may have this waking up habit are also known as chronic worriers. They can get anxious that one alarm clock may sometimes not work ands cause them to sleep more than they should. That’s why they are more comfortable having two or more alarm clocks set to wake up to.

Buddy Waker

There are also some people who choose to have a buddy or a partner to nudge them a bit to wake up in the morning. They prefer it more than being jolted by the loud noise that an alarm clock makes. Such people are usually known to be too dependent. People with such waking habits have the tendency to be more dependent on others and usually shy away from responsibility.

The Snooze Button User

There are also people who constantly press that snooze button after the alarm sounded to get a bit more zzzz’s. It may mean that you are the type of person that waits until a crisis comes before acting. People who usually press the snooze button before waking up also tend to be those who put off certain tasks until the deadline before working on it. They like to always be in crisis mode, which sometimes also work against them.

But health wise, pressing that snooze button increasingly may also be a sign that you might not be having enough sleep. It may be possible that you may be increasingly experiencing disrupted sleep or even suffering from a condition called sleep apnea that makes you lose out on quality sleep, making you feel tired waking up. If you press the snooze button because you just don’t want to face the day or get out of bed may also signal certain emotional problems such as anxiety or even depression.


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