Teen Issues: Protecting Online Identity

Teenagers are always going online all the time. They maintain accounts on online social networks that allow them to interact with friends and other people. In other words, they have created an online identity that people get to know on the Web.

Every time teenagers register an email or to an online social network, they establish an online identity. What makes an online identity interesting is that either teens can create an identity of their real selves or they can make it up to be what they wanted. In short, an online identity can be either true or false. That is what makes it quite fascinating for many teens. If they are the shy type, they can create an online identity that is different from their real selves. Some people may tend to believe that it is really who they are.

Whether it is a make believe or a real identity, teens need to protect it or they may get into trouble. People can establish their own online identities for different purposes. Some of them do it to deceive people, especially innocent teens. You need to be careful and be aware of the risks and dangers involved when it comes to providing personal information online. Other people can misuse the information that can cause you a lot of headaches.  your online identity.

Keep your profiles private.

As everyone can access and see your online profile, some people can use it with bad intentions. Make sure that you avoid this from happening by keeping your online profile on social networks and other sites private. This will limit the number of people who can see your personal information to people that you only approve. With a private profile, strangers will not get access to your online profile and use it to deceive you.

Be careful of what you post online.

Social networking sites give you the opportunity to express yourself more. It gives you a venue to speak up your mind and have an audience for it. But along with this opportunity comes a responsibility. You must always remember that what you post online will remain there for a very long time. Try to think of what you want to say first before you try to post it online. Once posted, it is always difficult to take it back. There are many instances where some online postings come to haunt people later on. It becomes a source of headaches and regrets. Make sure that this does not happen to you by thinking first before you post.

Protect your passwords.

It is possible for other people to steal your online identity. They can then use it to create trouble online and leave you to blame for it. Such a situation can be very troublesome and stressful. Make sure that you prevent other people from stealing your online identity by safeguarding your online accounts. Make sure that you protect your passwords diligently by regularly changing it. Try to avoid sharing your passwords, even with friends or classmates.


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