Keeping Your Preschooler Active

You do not need studies to see that more and more children are becoming overweight and obese. While big kids may look cute, the extra weight certain adds strain to their health and well-being. There are many ways for parents to reduce their children’s likelihood of becoming obese and continue on with a healthy lifestyle, such as keeping your kids physically active.

And by activity, we do not mean spending hours sliding their fingers on a tablet or playing video games. Do not let their boundless energy go to waste by encouraging your children to play outdoors. Let them play hopscotch, skip rope, and other activities that require them to move about a lot.

Physical activity is very important for kids in preschool. This is the time when they should be developing their motor skills, improving their hand-eye coordination, all while shedding off their “big baby” fat. Provide your preschoolers with age-appropriate play equipment like balls and plastic bats, so exercise becomes fun and they end up looking forward to doing the next day. Of course, play time must be supervised by the parent (and we mean no reading books or playing on your tablet at all times). You never know when a stray ball ends up on the street and your child runs to grab it, putting them at risk of getting hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Make an effort to make family activity a physical one. For instance, take a hike to the hills instead of watching the movies; or you can fly kits and play tag at the local park.

Source: Healthy Children


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