Portion Control Tips for Teenagers

Obesity has become a serious problem among teenagers today. One of the main reasons why many teens are at risk of being overweight is over-consumption of food. Sometimes, it is not the teen’s fault why they consume so much food. The increasing portion sizes are also partly to blame.

Many teens today eat way more food than they used to. They tend to consume more calories than what their body needs on a daily basis. This causes them to pile up weight over time. The alarming trend that contributes to this problem is the larger food portions now available today.

Over the years, overabundance has led to food stores to increase food portions that they offer. Fast-food restaurants now offer super size meals as a popular option many teens as well as adults find irresistible. There is a stark difference when you compare portion sizes of foodstuff today to that of the same stuff served a decade or two ago. The average bagel of the past measures only 3 inches in diameter and only 140 calories. Now, they average 6 inches in diameter and 350 calories. The larger portions have become the new standard that it causes teens and even adults to eat more than they used to. What this has led to is the current obesity problem with the younger generations.

In this super size generation, teenagers need to learn portion control if they wish to avoid ending up obese. They need to know the proper portions of what they are eating and not just follow what today’s society tells them. Here are some tips that will help you know and learn more about portion control.

Use the “Divided Plate” method.

The key to eating right is to make every meal as complete as possible. This means getting the portions right. The best way to do it is by dividing your plate of food and then setting up the right portions for them. What you do is to divide your plate into four equal portions. Reserve one portion for protein or meat, be it fish, beef or pork. Reserve the other portion for carbohydrates or starch, with whole grains preferred. You then reserve the last two portions for vegetables and fruit. This will provide you with the right portions to eat a healthy and proper meal.

Use a smaller plate.

Perception can also mean a lot when you eat meals. Using a smaller plate, for example, will make your portions look bigger. Using the same portions on a bigger plate will make them look smaller and will tend to cause you to eat more in the process. However, using a small plate for them will make it seem that you are indulging in a hearty feast.

Do not rush through your meal.

Most people eat more because they tend to eat fast. By eating fast, they do not give enough time for the food to settle in their stomach and give them that full feeling. What this does in cause them to overeat. Simply by changing the pace of eating can help a lot in trying to maintain the proper portion control. Savoring the food slowly will allow it to settle and give you that satisfied feeling even though you have not eaten as much yet.

Share your meals at restaurants.

Now that you are aware that restaurants and fast foods come with servings that are usually two to three times larger than the right portion sizes, you can now decide not to eat it all by yourself. You can try to share it with one or a couple of like minded friends if you wish to maintain the proper portion control. Not only will you be saving money, you will also be on your way towards avoiding piling up weight by observing proper portion control.


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