Early Cancer Signs You Should Know About

shutterstock_149306618Cancer is a deadly disease. But a lot of cancers are treatable if they are diagnosed at the early stages. It helps to know the possible early signs of cancer and head to the doctor’s office for a check up to make sure. It is better to be safe than sorry when cancer is involved. Here are some of the early cancer signs that you should know.

Change In Bowel Habits

If you suddenly have irregular changes in your bowel movement and come with distinct changes in your stool shape, it might be worth a doctor’s visit for evaluation. This may become even serious if you notice blood in your stool along with your bowel movement. This might be a sign that you have colon cancer.


Finding unexplained lumps in the body, especially the breast may warrant a doctor’s visit to make sure that it is not cancerous. Lumps in the breast area may be a sign of breast cancer. This is true for women as well as men. Male breast cancer is also quite common than most men think. That is why personal breast examinations on a regular basis can help detect breast cancer early. For men, looking for lumps in the testicular area is also helpful for early detection of prostate cancer.

Unexplained Recurring Fever

If you have a recurring fever that will not seem to go away even when you take medication, something else may be causing it. If you experience frequent but unexplained fever, it may be a warning sign for leukemia. Make sure that you have yourself checked by your doctor immediately if you have these recurring and unexplained fevers.

Swelling In The Face

If you detect some swelling on your face and neck, it might be worth having your doctor check it out. It may be something harmless, but swelling on the face and neck can also be a sign of lung cancer. Some tumors can block the blood flow on your chest. Blood going to the head may not always flow back freely to the heart. This can cause swellings in your neck or face.

Discoloration At The Base Of Fingernail or Toenail

If you find discoloration at the base of your fingernails or toenails, you might want to let your doctor know about it. Dots or brown streaks under your toenail bed may be a sign of skin cancer.


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