Drinking Coffee May Help Lessen Risk Of Prostate Cancer Recurrence

shutterstock_152506925Researchers have found out that coffee consumption may be linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer recurrence and progression. They found out that men who drank four or more cups of coffee daily experienced a 59 percent lower risk of progression and recurrence of prostate cancer compared to males who drank fewer cups per week. The results of the study are available on the online Cancer Causes & Control journal.

Researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center conducted a population-based study composed of 1,001 prostate cancer survivors. The participants were from between 35 to 74 years old at the time that their prostate cancer was diagnosed between 2002 to 2005. All were residents of King County, Washington.

The participants were provided with a questionnaire to answer questions regarding their diet and beverage consumption two years prior to their prostate cancer diagnosis. The participants also provided other details including demographic and lifestyle information, cancer history in the family, prostate cancer screening history and treatment.

The researchers also followed up with the participants more than five years after the initial diagnosis. The researchers wanted to determine whether the prostate cancer had recurred or progressed among the participants. The follow up effort included those who are still living, willing to be contacted and those who had been previously diagnosed with non-metastatic cancer.

Of the original number of participants, 630 answered questions regarding their coffee intake and fit the follow-up criteria. The patients were included in the final analysis. Around 61 percent of the 630 coffee-drinking participants consumed at least one cup of coffee per day. Around 12 percent consumed four or more cups of coffee daily.

The results of the study were consistent with the findings of the Harvard’s Health Professionals Follow-Up Study which suggests that men who drank six or more cups of coffee daily had a 60 percent decreased non-metastatic prostate cancer risk as compared to those who did not drink coffee. But the results did not indicate any association with coffee intake reducing the mortality rate from prostate cancer.

Source: ScienceDaily


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