Common Stroke Risk Factors

shutterstock_136794245Stroke is a condition that affects a lot of people today. It is considered as the number four killer in the US. According to statistics, around 795,000 Americans suffer from stroke annually, with a majority of them first attacks. Many factors can contribute to a stroke, with most of them attributed to a person’s lifestyle. Here are some of the risk factors that can lead to a stroke.


Being overweight increases your stroke risk. A study was conducted that followed around 13,000 Americans for a 19-year period. It showed that people with the highest Body Mass Index or BMI were more than twice as likely to suffer from a stroke as those with the lowest BMI. One reason is that some of the common risk factors for stroke are worsened by obesity. Among them are high blood pressure and diabetes.

High-Fat Diet

Foods that may affect the heart may also have an effect on stroke. Eating foods that are high in fat can increase your risk of heart attacks. In the same manner, a high-fat diet can also increase the incidence of stroke.


People who smoke are more prone to suffering from strokes. Smoking can increase a person’s stroke risk by nearly two times that of someone who does not smoke. Fortunately, quitting smoking can also gradually lessen the risk of stroke. Those who stopped smoking showed the same stroke risk as non-smokers just five years after quitting.

Being Single

Staying single may also have an effect on your stroke risk. A study indicated that married people are less likely to die of a stroke compared to single people. But there is a catch- the marriage has to be a happy one. Married people who are into unhappy marriages can have a similar stroke risk as those who remained single.


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