Not So Effective Home Remedies For Acne

shutterstock_129231125Many people have a problem with acne, especially teenagers and young adults. At a time when looks really matter, they try to seek various treatments in order to get rid of acne. But when treatment is not readily available, there are also home remedies that they will like to try out. Some may have already been suggested but they might not work always as intended. Here are some so-called home remedies for acne that you need to be careful.

Lemon Juice

A drop of lemon juice on those troublesome pimples can dry them up. It also has antiseptic properties that can kill of the bacteria that causes the skin disorder. But be careful if you have sensitive skin. Putting lemon juice on pimples and going out in the sun can cause redness and rashes.

Sliced Tomatoes

Using sliced tomatoes on pimples may seem to work since the vitamin A gets directly delivered to your skin. While it may also have that soothing effect, it will do little to your acne problem most of the time. It will not make your pimples worse, but it may not treat them effectively as well.

Eye Drops

It is said that eye drops can cause the redness in the pimples to disappear. But that is as good as it can do. It will not treat the underlying problem. Eye drops are also just effective for spot treatments. It will not help a lot if you have a serious pimple problem. It will only be good as a temporary cosmetic solution if you need to hide the redness of pimples to lessen their unsightly marks when you go out.


Toothpaste can act as a mask to take out the impurities when applied to the skin. The problem is that it can also cause the skin to dry out, causing another skin problem in the process. You may also be into more problems if you decide to use gel toothpaste instead. The substance can cause irritations to your skin, which can further worsen your skin problem.


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