Using Your Mind To Fight Pain

shutterstock_135919487Pain is considered as a normal reaction to certain stimuli. Although it doesn’t feel great, pain helps protect people from further danger such as when you feel pain when you touch a hot surface and then you immediately remove it. Pain also helps alert us about our bodies from something that may be ailing it.

But there are also times when we need to drive pain away in its many different forms. Whether physical or emotional, pain can have an effect that some of us would want to banish. There are certain studies indicating that the mind can trick itself out of pain. Here are some of what many researchers recently discovered.

The Art Of Distraction

According to researchers, thinking about something else may also help trick the pain into going away. A study conducted in Germany involved having the participants concentrate on certain tasks while painful heat was applied to their arms, while their brain scans are being monitored. The researchers discovered that concentrating on the tasks at hand allows the participants to block the pain messages sent to the brain from the spinal cord.

Thinking The Pain Away

Thinking about the pain from a different perspective can also help reduce its effects. When people focus so much on the pain, it sometimes become even more unbearable. But if people practice thinking of the pain as a necessary experience that allows the body to repair itself, then the pain one feels diminish. It is when people get emotionally involved with the pain that it becomes worse. Try to detach your mind from it and consider it as something positive.

Meditation And Pain

Meditating can help trick the pain away. Using meditation by focusing on breathing to help clear the mind is effective in reducing pain. Meditation has been used for years and is known for its anesthetic qualities. Certain studies have also indicated that mindful meditation can improve the way handle pain, from acute pain to chronic lower back pain.


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