Skincare Tips For Winter Weather

shutterstock_139139033The winter season is upon us once more. It is time to expect the cold to become an issue. The weather may bring in a lot of concerns, especially when it comes to health. What some people may neglect to look after may be their skin.

As the cold season begins, our skin may begin to feel the effects of the changing weather. Our skin starts to become dry because of the cold weather. Some people may experience itchiness as an allergic reaction to the cold. A combination of very cold and wet weather may lead to even pain, redness and swelling. That is why it is very important to take care of your skin during the winter. Here are some skincare tips that might help.

Drink water often.

Cold weather can also be a cause of dehydration. That is why you may end up with dry skin during winter. You need to drink more water to rehydrate and keep your skin moisturized. The problem is that some people may not feel as thirsty or sweaty during cold weather than they do during the warmer months. This may lead them to forego drinking water most of the time. However, it is still necessary for people to drink at least eight glasses of water daily to stay rehydrated. That will help protect your skin against the effects of cold weather.

Use a humidifier for the dry, cold air.

Cold weather causes the air to become dry. Cold air during the winter season tends to lack enough moisture. This dry air may also cause your skin to become dry. In order to remedy this, try to use a humidifier to introduce some moisture into the air. Humidifiers are usually necessary in heated, dry indoor air. If you do not have a humidifier, having a glass of water near a heater may help introduce some moisture into dry indoor air.

Use a moisturizer always.

Choose an oil-based moisturizer instead of a water-based one during the winter to keep your skin from becoming dry. The oil helps provide a protective barrier that prevents moisture from escaping from your skin. You can also try to look for moisturizing creams or lotions that contain glycerine or alpha-hydroxy acids that help attract moisture to your skin.

Remember to protect your extremities.

In cold weather, do not forget to protect your hands and feet from the cold by wearing warm socks and gloves. Your hands and feet contain fewer oil glands than the rest of your body. This may cause them to dry out faster in cold weather. Use mild cleansers when washing your hands. Avoid using hand sanitizers or other alcohol-based products since they can dry out your skin faster.


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