Unique Signs Of Bipolar Disorder

shutterstock_68966881Bipolar disorder is a condition that you get to hear often but do not really understand. Putting it simply, bipolar disorder is a type of mental condition characterized by extreme shifts of mood, energy and levels of function. A person with bipolar disorder can be very happy at one time and extremely sad and depressed on another.

Bipolar disorder can be difficult to diagnose and treat because most people who have it do not know that they are suffering from the condition. Little understanding of the disorder can lead to sufferers not getting any treatment or help. The manic phase makes bipolar disorder distinct from other mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. And there can also be a wide range of symptoms associated with bipolar disorder. Here are some of the more unique ones you should know about.

High Sex Drive

A person who may suddenly get an obsession about all things sexual, even getting into associated activities that he or she would not engage into previously, may be suffering from hypersexuality. But it can also be a subtle clue that a person may have a bipolar disorder.

Alcoholism And Drug Abuse

A number of people with bipolar disorder have also been known to abuse drugs or alcohol, around 60 percent of them. The effects can have an extreme effect on people with the condition. For example, sufferers who abuse alcohol or painkillers can experience a sudden bout of depression. Abusing on stimulants such as cocaine may have the opposite effect.

Extreme Impulse Buying Sprees

Some bipolar disorder sufferers may sometimes feel the need to go on a spending spree. They feel a strong compulsion to spend recklessly and without control. People with bipolar disorders will likely take big risks, which includes going on buying sprees that leave them with a ton of debts later on.


Some people with bipolar disorder can have a manic episode where they will skimp out on sleep. They feel that they have little need of sleep because of the energy they have. If it becomes quite unusual, it may become a possible sign of bipolar disorder.


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