Healthy Habits Worth Practicing

shutterstock_141473506 Developing healthy habits can help you maintain a healthy body as a lifestyle. There are different healthy habits worth following to ensure that you live a healthier life. It is not always that hard for some to develop these habits. The important thing is that you know about them and what they can do to help you live a healthy life. Here are some of those healthy habits that you might consider into your daily life.

Applying sunscreen every time you go out.

Sunscreen is often used as protection against sunburn and other harmful effects of the sun. But little do many people know that it can also help reduce the visible signs of aging and well as reduce skin cancer risk. Sunscreens can act as a moisturizer to keep the skin well-hydrated. If you try to use it as often as you can, expect to have fewer wrinkles or dark spots down the line.

Leave footwear at the door.

The custom of leaving shoes at the door before entering the home is associated with the Japanese. It is a habit that can help you maintain a healthier home. It may be a sensible and practical habit that you can also apply into your own home. Leaving your shoes at the door can help prevent outdoor pollutants from entering your home, making it cleaner and safer. It also helps prevent dirt, chemicals and other potential allergens from entering the home.

Sneeze into your arm.

When you sneeze due to a cold or flu, your usual reflex is to cover your mouth with your hands. It may seem such a healthy habit since you prevent potential bacteria from spreading into the surrounding air. But covering with your hands when you sneeze may also aid in the spread of germs. As the bacteria transfer into your hand, they may get into any surface you touch afterwards, infecting others who may come into contact with it. A better habit to follow instead is covering your mouth with your arm when you sneeze. This will not only prevent the germs from spreading, you can also prevent your hands from spreading them.

Brush your tongue.

Brushing your teeth daily may be a healthy habit that you already follow since young. But not many people remember to brush their tongue as well. Your tongue is a good place for bacteria to hide. Sometimes, brushing your teeth along may not get rid of them. These bacteria and germs can cause you bad breath or also cause plaque. The next time you brush your teeth, don’t forget to brush your tongue also to get rid of the bacteria lurking in there.


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