Benefits of Eating Spicy Foods

shutterstock_107272763Eating spicy foods may not be for everyone. But it may be good to know that there are certain health benefits that you can get by eating some of the hot and spicy stuff now and then. Here are some of the unique health benefits that you can enjoy when you eat spicy foods.

They can reduce the bad effects of a high-fat meal.

Eating a high-fat can result in various health-related issues. Triglyceride levels increase which can develop into heart disease. A high-fat diet can also increase insulin levels, which covert unused sugar as fat. Adding some spices like turmeric, oregano, rosemary cloves and paprika in your food can help reduce these effects. Studies show that adding these spices to meals considered as high in fat can decrease triglyceride and insulin response by 31 and 21 percent, respectively compared to eating an unspiced meal.

They help improve memory and other cognitive functions.

Spices are also good for the brain. Preliminary studies suggest that spices like spearmint, cinnamon and rosemary show promise in reducing Alzheimer’s disease symptoms in experiments with mice. One study where mice suffering from age-related memory decline were fed high doses of rosemary and spearmint extracts displayed improved memories. The antioxidants in the spices may help reduce stress in the brain areas responsible for memory and learning. Lab studies also show that chemicals found in cinnamon can prevent the development of neural tangles similar to those found in Alzheimer’s patients.

They can help you keep up with your diet.

Studies have shown that people who eat red chili peppers eat 75 fewer calories compared to people eating bland food. According to Purdue University researchers, peppers contain chemical compounds called capsaicinoids that aids in reducing your craving for salty, fatty and sweet foods. This might make it easier for you to keep up with your diet by toning down your food cravings.


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