Surprising Signs Of Health Problems

shutterstock_51185908Health problems usually do not come in an instant. They gradually develop over time. And during the same period, your body will begin to show certain signs of what health problems you have little by little. You can easily notice the other signs, while others remain a bit unseen. However, if you are observant enough, you might be able to catch these signs and be alerted to what it may lead to. Here are some interesting health signs your body may show that will indicate certain health troubles brewing.

Unusual Fingernails

Normal fingernails are usually smooth and spotless. If you notice your nails changing color, with redness under them, it may be a sign of lupus. This disease is due to your immune system attacking the healthy tissues in the body. Lupus can also cause rashes to form at the back of your hands and fingers. Some puffiness and swelling may also be observed at the base of the nails.

Declining Sense Of Smell

Studies suggest that the earliest sign of a developing Alzheimer’s disease. Mice that were bred to produce high levels of a protein called amyloid precursor protein, which is linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, showed higher nerve cell damage rates in their noses compared to normally bred mice. The changes that happen in this area may also be happening in the other brain regions in Alzheimer’s disease. But the effect on the sense of smell may appear much sooner than other symptoms. While the loss of the sense of smell may be normal after 70 years old, experiencing this same decline at a younger age may be something worth a visit to your doctor.

Hearing And Diabetes

There seems to be a connection between hearing impairment and diabetes. Researchers at Niigata University in Japan say that diabetics are two times as likely to experience hearing loss than those who are not. Younger diabetics are more at risk of developing hearing impairment than older diabetics. It seems that the higher blood sugar levels associated with the disease can damage blood vessels found in the ears.


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