Your Urine And Your Health

shutterstock_140916433Your urine is a means for your body to get rid of toxic substances. It is the byproduct of your kidneys after fluids have gone through it. While it may be a byproduct, it can tell a lot about your health. Here are some things that your urine can tell about your health and what researchers are finding out about it.

Detect Blood Clots

Research is underway to develop a way to detect hidden blood clots through your urine. Blood clots are risk factors for stroke. Current blood and imaging tests are not considered as accurate or precise in telling doctors about the presence of blood clots.  Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are trying to develop a more accurate test using urine using a paper strip version that will be out sometime next year.

Stem Cells From Urine

Researchers from Wake Forest University have been able to isolate stem cells from urine. The researchers used existing tissue as a type of scaffolding and directed the urine stem cells to develop into muscle cells as well as other types of bladder cells. With further progress in the study, the researchers may be able to potentially direct them to become nerve, bone and other types of cells. And since the urinary stem cells can come from a patient’s own body, risk of rejection may be minimal.

Detect Colon Cancer

Colon cancer currently detectable through a colonoscopy, considered as an invasive type of test. But a Canadian company is looking into the possibility of developing a urine test that can detect colon polyps. It is based on the study made by researchers from the University of Alberta. This inexpensive text will help make tests for colon cancer more convenient. Although a positive result from the test may still require an invasive procedure for further testing, it will help make sure that people undergo a colonoscopy only when it is really needed.


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