Effective Habits For Better Sleep

shutterstock_80758018Many people have trouble sleeping. Even if they do not, there are about a third of Americans who do not get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep on a regular basis. The lack of sleep can have a significant effect on work performance and overall health.

Getting adequate sleep is important to maintain overall health, along with following a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. To get a good night’s sleep, you need to prepare your body so that it can be ready for tuning down and rest. Certain habits will enable you to help prepare your body to rest and avoid any disruptions along the way. Here are some that might help.

Plan beforehand.

It pays to prepare your body to sleep through early planning. Some people only consider sleep when they are already lying on their bed. Actually, planning ahead may be just as important. The aim is to make your body and your brain expect that it will be sleep time in a short while. This includes avoiding eating or drinking anything that will keep you awake. Try also to avoid strenuous physical activity before sleeping since it can disrupt your brain into thinking that it is not yet going to rest. Take a warm bath or drink warm milk to aid your body into a resting stage.

Follow the same regular sleeping schedule.

One way to help you fall asleep easily is by following the same sleep schedule night in and night out. The habit will help train your mind whenever it is time to go to sleep. Make sure that you stick with the same sleep schedule within half an hour, give or take. Soon, your brain and your body will anticipate when it is time to sleep. This way you will also have an easier time falling asleep.

Make the bed conducive for sleep.

Make it a habit to associate your bed with sleeping. It is common for some people to watch TV, going online, or checking the phone while lying on their beds. Doing these activities will not help you fall asleep. Make sure you avoid associating the bed or your bedroom for sleeping.

Get out of bed if you cannot sleep.

If your sleep is somehow disrupted in the middle of the night and you cannot get back to sleep after half an hour, try getting out of your bed. Go to another room to read a book or do other things. Get back to bed only when you feel sleepy. This will help maintain the association that your bed is for sleeping.



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