Old Mice Rejuvenated When Transfused With Young Mice Blood

shutterstock_125883443There are now several studies that indicate how blood can affect aging. Researchers from the University of California in San Francisco and Stanford University found out that blood transfusions from young mice could rejuvenate and reverse some of the effects of aging in old mice. Findings of the report were published in the journal Nature Medicine.

In the study, the researchers injected blood plasma taken from young mice. They then injected it into old mice to determine its effects. According to Dr. Tony Wyss-Coray, a Stanford researcher and a senior author of the said study, “When they get young plasma they show significant improvements in learning and retaining memories.”

The researchers noted that old mice injected with blood plasma coming from young mice were able to get stronger and performed better mentally. They were also to do physical exercises longer. The researchers worked with mice with an age equivalent to humans in their 20’s and 60’s. The researchers repeatedly injected old mice with blood coming from both young and other aged mice. Old mice who took young blood performed better in memory and other learning tests than mice who got blood from older mice.

The researchers are now trying to determine what certain substances in the young blood that is making the difference. Further work may be needed in order to understand the effects in a better light. It may be possible that blood transfusion treatments to address certain ailments and conditions attributed to the aging process will be developed in the future.

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