Signs Of Low Testosterone

shutterstock_150570767Low testosterone levels in men can lead to a number of conditions. Although testosterone levels normally decline with age, they can be treated in order to avoid their possible effects on health and quality of life. But first, it is important to determine if you may have low T levels. Here are some signs that might indicate the condition.

Low Energy Levels

If you increasingly feel that you are often feeling weak and drained even when you have not done any physical activity, it may be a possible sign of low testosterone. Fatigue and tiredness can be symptoms of low testosterone levels.

Sleeping Problems

If you have increasing problems trying to fall asleep, you need to closely look into what may be causing it. If you have looked into your diet and other possible factors and still cannot find the culprit, having low testosterone levels may be another thing that you should need to look into.

Low Sex Drive

If you are still young and you suffer from a decreased sex drive, chances are your testosterone levels may not be normal. This hormone can have an effect on the male libido. Low T levels can be a factor if you are not getting any satisfaction in bed.

Loss Of Muscles

Low testosterone levels can also affect muscle mass. This hormone is essential for muscle growth. This is the reason why bodybuilders sometimes take anabolic steroids to increase muscle mass because they increase the body’s testosterone levels. The more testosterone, the better the muscle growth.


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