Easy Tips To Help You Live Longer

jMany people are always making serious effort in order to stay fit and healthy. Alas for others, it may not be as easy. Trying to keep fit has become more of a challenge for an increasing number of people nowadays. But it is important to note that every little effort counts in the battle towards trying to stay fit, healthy and live longer. Here are some easy tips to try out.

Move, move while you can

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the reasons why many people today are becoming unhealthy nowadays. Lack of physical activity paired with an unhealthy diet is a dangerous combination. So the best way to avoid this habit is simply to move, move, and move. No, you do not have to go to the gym and exercise to stay fit. If you do not have the time, just moving around can do a lot. Walking around the block or even when going to work can work just as well. Just remember to stay off the couch and do some physical activity that you enjoy doing.

Learn how to meditate

Excessive stress is one of the major factors why people are dying prematurely because of conditions such as heart disease and stroke. Too much stress can prevent you from enjoying long life ahead. One way you can control stress is by learning to meditate. According to studies, people who meditate regularly show higher levels of telomerase, an enzyme that is associated with the length of telomeres found at the end of your chromosomes, which has an effect on aging. Meditation along with healthy lifestyle changes can help lengthen a person’s telomeres, thereby also lengthening one’s life span. Not only that, meditation also helps people manage stress, which can then protect against the development of other life-threatening diseases and conditions.

Eat nuts everyday

If you wish to live longer, try eating a handful of nuts daily. Eating peanuts can help people live longer. According to a 30-year Harvard study, participants who were eating nuts daily were 20 percent less likely to die from different causes as compared to those who didn’t. One of the reasons includes the ability of nuts to balance the cholesterol levels, which can improve one’s life expectancy. Eating a handful of nuts such as walnuts and almonds daily can be a healthy habit that you can start today.



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