Reducing Allergy Risk At Home

shutterstock_160203056Most people suffer from some kind of allergy. Some people can experience from mild to severe reaction to certain allergens. It is important for people to understand their allergies and make sure to identify the ways to prevent allergies from getting worse. Here are some tips to minimizing allergy risk at home, especially for people who experience severe, and sometimes life-threatening allergic reactions.

Have an emergency allergy kit at home

If you are any of your family have prior experience with severe allergic reactions to certain food or substances, it may be important to have an emergency allergy kit handy at home. This ensures that emergency treatment may be within reach in case such an event may happen. The kit should contain the prescribed allergy treatment such as antihistamines or epinephrine to stave off severe allergic reactions promptly when needed. Timely action is important for people who experience severe allergic reactions.

Prevent cross-contamination

One reason why some people at home may accidentally experience severe allergic reaction may be through contaminated food. Make sure that you prevent food from being contaminated by allergens. Family members may be allergic to different types of food or substances. Make sure you know about them and keep them away from food to make sure it remains allergy-safe. Try to separate foodstuff to avoid cross-contamination. When you cook food, make sure you prepare the allergy-free food first to avoid ingredients from cross contaminating each other.

Educate your family about allergies

Try to educate your family about any allergic conditions every family member may have. Try to teach them how to act if they find someone suddenly suffering from an allergic reaction. It may be useful to teach older family members how to identify a possible allergic reaction and administer first aid if such an event happens. It also helps to teach family members and other people at home to learn how to look out for affected members and ensure that they keep away from allergens.

Get your allergy treatment updated

It is also important to always keep your emergency allergy treatment kit updated. As kids grow, their need for anti-allergy medication may also change. The dose for epinephrine for example, depends on a person’s weight. Such medications may also have an expiry date. You should try to make sure that you keep them updated.


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