Common Aches And Pains – Should You Worry?

shutterstock_140916433People may feel some aches and pains now and then. Sometimes, it can be worrisome when some of them happen a bit longer, sudden and higher on the pain scale. It can be a cause of concern for many people and make them wonder. In order to avoid having sleepless nights, here is a basic guide of common aches and pains and whether it should be a cause of worry.

Common Headaches
People may experience different types of headaches. There is the sudden and sharp stabbing headache that sometimes comes out of nowhere and so intense that it can make you worry. People may experience one or stabbing headaches in a day and they are often common with people suffering from migraines. But it should not be a cause of concern. Most stabbing headaches are usually benign, especially those that come and go quickly. Those associated with migraines can be commonly treated with prescription pain medication.

Serious Headaches  
There are also headaches that come suddenly but with the intense pain lingering for quite a long time that it can stop you in your tracks. These are called thunderclap and may be considered one of the worst headaches you can feel. Such headaches that do not resolve itself quickly may need a visit to a doctor, especially if it is accompanied by stiff neck and nausea. If it is a severe headache that lingers and is not the type of headache you experienced before, it may be a good idea to have it checked by your doctor. It is the same thing for headaches that do not seem to ease up when you lie down. It may be caused by a tumor in the brain. Such headaches should be something you should bring up with your doctor

Face Pains
Facial pain can be another thing that can cause people to worry. It may come from the cheek or jaw and can last in seconds or as long as 15 minutes. Sometimes, facial pain can get worse when washing your face or brushing your teeth. These pains may be caused by a condition called trigeminal neuralgia and can be resolved with the proper medication. Serious cases may need surgery to treat the problem. It may be a good idea to bring it up with your doctor when you experience facial pain.

Back Pain
Back pains may be something that worries a lot of people since it can be quite common. Some back pains come and go while others are quite persistent in length as well as in intensity. Lingering back pains that worsen when you strain, cough or sneeze may be a result of something that is pressing down on your vertebrae. It can be a herniated disc or even a possible tumor. Any type of back pain that lingers and worsens with time should be checked by your doctor.


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