Different Ways To Fight Stress

shutterstock_86558902Too much stress has become an increasing problem among many people today. Although we need some stress in our lives in order to develop our natural survival instincts, there is a delicate balance that needs to be observed. Stress is good. But too much of it can be quite dangerous. Here are ways that you can fight stress on a daily basis.

Get more sleep.
Sleep is the ultimate stress buster. Adequate sleep allows your body to recuperate and recover from the stress and the daily grind. It is the time when your body spends repairing and rejuvenating itself. When you lack sleep, you rob your body of this important time to recover. Inadequate sleep can prevent your body from fully recovering before it then prepares itself for another tough day ahead. The effects accumulate the more you experience insufficient sleep. To fight off these effects, try to get to bed early and go for seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

Make a habit out of breathing exercises.
Breathing well is also a good way of fighting off stress. It helps bring in some much needed oxygen into your body and into the bloodstream so that the cells get it to perform their different tasks, including repair and fighting off infection. When you are under too much stress, your body needs oxygen more than usual. Breathing exercises help increase the oxygen supply your body needs. Learn to inhale deeply and exhale in a constant rhythm for several minutes. Just couple of minutes into these exercises and help your body recuperate. Doing it as habit can help you combat stress on a daily basis.

Avoid those frequent overtime at work. 
You may have heard a lot about too much work can kill you. It is true. When you do not give your body some rest and goes into fatigue, it can produce more and more cortisol that can increase your feelings of anxiety and increase your stress levels. Spending too much time at work can use up the time you usually spend on resting and relaxing. Learn to say no or overcommitting to your work to have time dedicated for resting and stress-free relaxation.



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