Signs You May Have Systemic Inflammation

shutterstock_109989377Systemic inflammation is a condition that comes as a result of the body releasing pro-inflammatory cytokines and the activation of the immune system that may be caused by either external or internal factors. When chronic or systemic inflammation develops, your immune system may begin to work abnormally and then start attacking healthy cells. Systemic inflammation can lead to making other diseases and conditions become worse. There are certain signs that may indicate that you are suffering from systemic inflammation. Here are some of them.

You experience frequent stomach problems.

If you have gut issues, this may mean that your stomach may be inflamed from the inside. You may be experiencing frequent digestive distress that in turn, may be causing other problems other than having inflamed gut walls- irritability, constant fatigue, low energy and even mental haze.

You gain five pounds.

Many things happen when you gain weight. One of them is causing enlarged fat cells to secrete inflammatory adipokines throughout the body. Not only that, if that excess fat goes into your belly, they start to generate inflammatory cytokines. One way you can stop this type of inflammation in the body is by trying to maintain and keep a healthy weight level.

You sleep less than six hours every night.

Sleep is your body’s way of trying to recover and repair itself from the effects of oxidative stress that can lead to inflammation. Your body requires at least eight hours of sleep each night to accomplish the repairs it needs to do and to recover. Getting less hours of sleep can prevent your body from achieving this important recovery task that can further affect your body in many different ways.

You cannot keep fit.

If you begin to feel that you just can get fit no matter how hard you try, then you may be experiencing cellular exhaustion due to overtraining, which can lead to chronic inflammation. Too much exercise can also cause your body to overwork and cause your body more harm than good. You may need to change the way you try to keep fit. Make sure that you do your workouts in short bursts and with rest intervals. This will help ensure that you get the benefits of exercise and not overdo it.



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