Standing More, Sitting Less Can Help Prevent Heart Attacks

shutterstock_72914284A recent study indicates that standing more rather than sitting may help reduce the risk of heart attacks and diabetes. Researchers from Arizona State University conducted a study that involved nine overweight adults. The researchers kept track of their blood sugar levels throughout their eight-hour work day. The participants eventually incorporated standing throughout the day, which led to a dramatic reduction in their glucose levels.

The researchers looked into a typical workday, where most people spend a significant time sitting in front of a desk. This has become a concern since a number of studies have indicated that sitting for long periods of time can cause a number of health problems. Taking a break from sitting all day by standing up. It has been known that exercise is essential for maintaining blood sugar levels.

If people have less time to spend on regular exercise, taking time to engage in physical activities whenever possible may be the next best thing. And the common option is find time to stand up at certain times during the work day. Considering standing up while waiting for the train of even giving up a seat in favor of standing up can really do a lot in helping people become healthier.


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