Your Nails And Your Health

HandEarly intervention and prevention are the keys to maintaining good health. It is important that you know how to look after your body to ensure that it is always in tiptop shape. And when your body does feel something, it usually exhibits signs and symptoms that indicates its current condition. Looking out for these health signs is an essential part of taking good care of your body. These signs can be seen in different ways. One of them is through your nails. The condition of your nails can tell you a lot about your current health. Here are some signs that you should look out for.
Dry and Brittle Nails
If you suffer from dry and brittle nails, it may indicate a possible thyroid problem. If you have cracked or split nails, then it may be a sign that you may have a fungal infection.
Nail Color and Health
The color of your nails can also tell a lot about certain health conditions. If you notice that your nails are pale, it may be a sign that you may have anemia. Very pale nails are also often associated with other conditions such as heart problems, liver disease and even malnutrition. If you have very white nails, it may also be a sign of a liver condition such as hepatitis, especially if the fingers look jaundiced or yellowish.
If you notice that you have yellow nails, it can be indicative that you may have a fungal infection, which can lead to your nails to thicken but become brittle. It may also be a sign of a serious condition such as lung disease, a severe thyroid problem, diabetes, or psoriasis. Bluish nails may indicate
Rippled or Pitted Nails
If you have nails that are rippled or show pitted areas instead of a smooth surface, it may indicate early signs of psoriasis. It can also be a sign of inflammatory arthritis, especially if accompanied by discoloration of the nails and with the skin under them becoming reddish brown.
Nail Fold Swelling
If the skin around your nails look puffy and is swelling, then it may not be a good sign. Puffy nail folds can be a result of lupus or other disorders associated with your connective tissues. The inflammation of the nail folds can also be a sign that there is an infection in the affected area.


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