Health Supplements You Should Avoid

Health supplements have become popular nowadays. They have become the alternative means to keep fit and stay healthy. But since most supplements are not being regulated by the FDA or other government regulating bodies, there are some questions regarding their safety as well as their effectivity. But that has not stopped many people from continuing to use supplements. While some supplements may not be considered harmful, there are others that may pose as health risks for others who may not be aware. Here are just some of such supplements to watch out for.

Caffeine Powder

There are now others who consider using caffeine powder as a supplement. High doses are used as a way to improve attention as well as enhance athletic performance. But there are also certain risks associated with ingesting too much caffeine. Such supplements can come with risks of seizures, heart arrhythmia, and cardiac arrest. It can be especially dangerous when it is being used with other stimulants.

Green Tea Extract

Since green tea has been known for its various health benefits as a beverage, it has also been developed as a health supplement. Supplements containing green tea extract is now readily available in many supermarket shelves primarily for weight loss. But the risks may outweigh the benefits for this supplement. Risks may include dizziness, reduced absorption of iron, may be linked to anemia, and may increase blood pressure and heart rate.


This supplement may also be known as oxilofrinen or 4-HMP. People use it as a way to lose weight, increase energy, and improve athletic performance. But as a stimulant, it comes with a number of risks. Regular or too much use of this supplement is associated with heart rate and rhythm abnormalities as well as potential cardiac arrest. Risk may increase when the supplement is used with other stimulants.



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