Newly Developed Skull Cap Helps Patients Battle Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is a relatively difficult condition since it is located in one of the most sensitive and one of the most challenging type of cancers to operate and treat. But there are different ways now available for people to get treatment for the condition. One of the recent ones develop is the use of a skull cap called Optune.

The Optune is a medical designed to shock brain tumors with low-intensity electrical fields using an array of insulated surface electrodes. The researchers believe that continuous alternating electric fields has anticancer properties since it blocks cell division. The treatment is even more effective when combined with a chemotherapy treatment using the drug temozolomide.

During the clinical trial, patients with an aggressive form of brain cancer called glioblastoma. Patients were randomly assigned the new medical device along with chemotherapy using temozolomide while others received the chemo treatment only. Results showed that those whi used the skill cap have a median overall survival rate of 21 months as compared to 16 months for those who only received chemotherapy. Yearly survival rates also greatly improved for those who used the skull cap compared to those who relied only on chemo.

Although the new treatment is showing promise, there might be a downside to using the new medical device. The treatment may cost around $700 per day, which might still be too steep a cost. While many insurers will cover for the cost, Medicare won’t be, according to reports. But only time will tell when this treatment will become more affordable in the near future. Clinical trials have recently been concluded and the findings were recently presented at an annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.

Source: Engadget


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