What Refined Carbs Can Do To Your Body

Eating healthy is somewhat challenging task for many people today. In an age when processed food has become king, people can be led into a trap of consuming unhealthy processed foods. One of them is refined carbs. Here are some things that consuming refined carbohydrates can cause on your body.

It can leave you feeling hungry. 

Refined carboydrates are unlike the fiber found in the natural diet. Refined  carbs contain almost no nutrients. But what it can give is a quick burst of energy. But just like boosting energy, the crash that follows can also be pretty wild. The effect can leave people feeling hungry in the process. This will cause them to crave for consuming more refined carbs.

It can cause weight gain.

While carbohydrates may be something that the body needs, too much of refined carbs can cause people to gain weight faster. Refined carbs are devoid of fiber and most other nutrients after they have been processed. The absence of fiber is what makes the carbs stay in the body longer. Fiber makes it possible for the carbs as well as other things your body doesn’t need to be flushed out of your system. Without the fiber, excess carbs are turned into fats. Coupled with other ingredients like preservatives and sugar when making other processed food products, it becomes a common cause of weight gain among many people.

It won’t help you build muscle.

While carbohydrates will provide you with an energy boost, it will not give you the muscle mass that you long for. Refined carbs will not provide the sustaining energy that you need for exercise. The sudden spikes and falls of blood sugar that refined sugar brings can cause you to feel tired whenever you do physical activities. This prevents you from performing efficient exercise and prevent you from building muscles. Consuming complex carbs which takes longer to digest will prevent the sudden changes in your blood sugar levels that causes you to feel tired.


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