Factors That Affect Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer is one of the more common types of cancer that affects a large number of women. In fact, it is considered to be the fourth deadliest form of cancer among US women. While men can also be diagnosed with breast cancer, a majority of the cases affect women. There are different factors that can determine one’s cancer risk. Here are some of them.

Family History of Cancer

If you have a loved one or a close relative whose life was drastically changed by a breast cancer diagnosis, there is a stronger possibility that you may also be diagnosed compared to someone without a family history of the said disease.

Alcohol Consumption

According to recent studies, alcohol consumption can increase your risk for developing breast cancer. One of the reasons cited is that alcohol can cause the estrogen levels to rise. While further studies may be needed to determine the relationship between estrogen and cancer. It is believed that the estrogen may be helping  the cancer cells to develop. But this only seems to happen when there is already a tumor present in the body.

Excess Weight During  Menopause

Obesity has been associated with a number of diseases such as stroke, diabetes, heart disease. Now researchers also consider it as a factor for developing  breast cancer. It seems to be linked with levels of estrogen as well. When women are younger, estrogen is being produced by the ovaries. During menopause, the ovaries may no longer produce the hormone. The body starts to derive estrogen from body fat. So the more fat there is available, the more estrogen the body can produce. Therefore, the risk for developing breast cancer also increases.



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