Signs You Might Be Suffering From Anxiety Disorder

Having bouts of anxiety can be considered a normal part of life. But if it becomes worse and comes ever so often without any reason, then it may already be an anxiety disorder. Having such an experience can have an effect on one’s life. Here are some signs that may indicate that you are already suffering from anxiety disorder and may need to talk with your doctor.

Sleeping Problems

Some people worry too much that they have trouble sleeping. Lack of sleep is one unfortunate sign that you have an anxiety disorder, especially if it happens every night. The lack of sleep can cause people to become more irritable and fatigued, two other signs associated with anxiety disorder.

Excessive and Unnecessary Worrying

One main sign of an anxiety disorder is worry. While worrying may be normal in our day to day life, excessive worrying  is not. People suffering from anxiety disorder can worry about the same things other people worry about but in such an extreme way that it can interfere with daily life. If you are experiencing some extreme bouts of worrying that lasts for days, then it may be time for you to see your doctor regarding anxiety disorder.

Sudden Pounding Heart and Shortness of Breath

When your heart  beat suddenly starts pounding along with some shortness of breath, you can consider it as a sign of an anxiety attack if you’ve been previously worrying about something. But even if it is not about anxiety disorder, you may still need to consult with your doctor regarding the sudden palpitations as it may be an underlying symptom of a serious heart condition.


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