Study: Lack Of Sleep Can Also Affect One’s Attractiveness

Sleep is an important component of good health. Unfortunately, some people may overlook its importance and prefer foregoing some sleep with the aim of being more productive. But long term, lack of sleep may even have an effect on general productivity as well. But aside from that, a study also shows that lack of sleep may also have an effect on one’s attractiveness.

Researchers from  Karolina Institutet in Sweden have discovered that not enough sleep can have an effect on perceived attractiveness. The findings may be indicating that “beauty sleep” may be true after all.

A study was conducted to determine if lack of sleep has an effect on how people are perceived. The said study included 25 men and women who were photographed after days of getting normal sleep as well as restricted sleep. Each participant were instructed to sleep for 8 hours for 2 consecutive nights and then have their photograph taken. After two weeks, the subjects were then made to sleep for 4 hours for 2 consecutive days and photographed again. The participants. All of the participants were instructed not to wear makeup,   have their hair pulled away from their faces and wear a gray t-shirt during each photo session.

The researchers then have another group of 122 people to rate each photograph according to attractiveness, health wise, and trustworthiness. The people were also asked if they would like to socialize with the subject viewed in each photograph.

The findings indicate that participants who experienced restricted sleep were perceived to be less attractive as compared to when the same participants were well rested. Not only that, there was less willingness for the raters to socialize with those who were sleep-deprived in their photos. Trustworthiness ratings were not affected  whether the participants had enough sleep or not.

According to Dr. Tina Sundelin, of the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, the effect of sleep deprivation on the skin blood coloration may be one reason why the participants who lacked sleep were deemed less attractive. Sufficient sleep promotes blood flow  in the skin. The group who rated the participants noted that those who lacked sleep have paler skin along with other changes in their facial appearance that made them less attractive.

The researchers agree that further studies will be needed to better understand how insufficient sleep can have an effect on facial appearance. What the study findings do highlight is the importance of getting sufficient sleep as a way to improve appearances. The said findings were reported recently in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

Source: Medical News Today


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