Surprising Health Myths You Should Know 

People aiming to keep fit and stay healthy should learn to base their regimen on facts. Unfortunately, there are a lot of health tips out there that turn out to be false. Be wary about certain health myths and don’t try to let it ruin your goals to keep fit and stay healthy. Here are some health myths that may be quite surprising.

Calories from food taken during the evenings are more fattening than those taken earlier in the day.

Many people believe that the time you take your food can have an effect on your  weight. People think that the calories that you taken in when you eat during the evenings can make you more fat than calories that you take in during the day. But the fact of the matter is, calories is generally the same no matter when you take it. More importantly, it is how you burn those calories that matters more. Anytime you have taken in calories that you are not able to burn will pile on eventually as added weight when it is converted by the body to fat.

Food craving indicates some nutritional deficiency in the body.

Some believe that when you crave something to eat, your body is signaling that it needs some nutrient that is currently deficient. But most of those cravings have an emotional or psychological trigger. It is not necessarily that your body lacks some nutrients that makes you crave something to eat. It should not be considered a reason sometimes to overeat.

Reading in a dim light can ruin your eyes.

It seems to be an age-old advice that reading in a dimly-lit room or a totally dark one can do damage to your eyes. But there is no evidence to support that it can cause permanent eye damage. Your eyes may experience some strain or become dry as it tries to adjust to the darkness or dim lighting. But the effects are mostly temporary and will not ruin your general eyesight.

All bacteria is bad for you.

Many people become obsessively clean because they think that all types of bacteria can be harmful. But this is not the case. While there are bacteria strains that do wreck havoc to your health, not all of them are bad. In fact, the body needs some types of bacteria in order to function well, boost the immune system, and help provides other benefits to health. The gut in itself has a lot of bacteria that helps it to its functions more effectively. So much so for some bacteria that lives in your outer skin. If you frequently use a sanitizer or alcohol trying to stay clean, you might not be doing it the right way. Over-cleansing can in fact make you more susceptible to certain harmful health conditions later.


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