Understanding The Main Categories Of Stress

When you say stress, people generally have a negative connotation to it. Most people may be talking about stress in a general way, but there are certain types of stress that can do harm and there are those that can actually be beneficial. It all depends on the category of stress one is experiencing. Here are the three main categories of stress that people should know and understand to determine if what they are experiencing is good or bad.

Acute Stress

When people are experiencing stress in their daily lives, most probably they are feeling acute stress. Acute stress is the widely experienced category of stress. It is mainly caused by the daily stressors and pressures that individuals go through in their daily lives. While people may dread this category of stress, it is actually what can bring in feelings of excitement, thrill, and sense of fulfillment in people. Acute stress generally occurs in a short period of time. People can only experience the effects if the stress has already accumulated.

Episodic Stress

Episodic stress are usually short-term events but people experience them repeatedly or regularly such as taking a daily commute in traffic or beating deadlines on a daily basis. In short, episodic stress can be an acute stress that people seem to experience quite frequently.

Chronic Stress

This category of stress is perhaps the most dangerous and the unhealthiest. Chronic stress has that ability to damage a person’s mind, body and spirit. It affects a person in the long-term and builds up until one is at the breaking point if it is not addressed. The prolonged exposure to the stressors seem unending such as that which affects people in an unhappy marriage, a dysfunctional family, a traumatic experience, chronic illness and many more. And since people begin to feel hopeless that they cannot escape the stressors, it gradually leads to physical, emotional, and psychological problems that can only worsen in time.


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