Tips for Picky Eaters

There are kids who are just picky on what they eat. It is not just mainly because they don’t want to eat. There are many factors behind this. A kid’s eating habit may be affected by his or her feelings during feeding time. A kid who feels tired or even upset may not want to eat at that very moment. They may not like to eat at certain parts of the day. Another reason may be that they have other things in mind to do rather than eat, such as play for instance. But it is not entirely impossible to help kids improve their eating habits early. Here are some of the useful tips to consider.

Make eating food a fun adventure.

There are many creative ways to make eating fun for the kids. One of them is trying to make eating new foods as a time of exploration. Kids would relish their eating time if they feel that they have some things to discover. Telling stories of where the food comes from  while eating may also be a good way to make meal times interesting and fun. Sometimes this may even be good enough to let the kids forget being picky with their food.

Prepare the same food in different ways.

When parents would like kids to eat certain healthy food types, it pays to know how to prepare them so that kids will like them. Before parents should decide that the kids does not like a certain type of food, they should first  try to offer the same food in different ways. Try offering it raw, cooked, with soup, or using different sauces. The way how food is prepared and offered can sometimes be the key for the kids to like eating it.

Combine new foods with those that kids already like.

In order to help the kids learn to try new foods, serving them with the type of food kids already like can help.  Some kids just want to eat the same food over and over again. This can prevent them from trying out new ones. Combining the new ones with a favorite staple of the child can make it easier to introduce other food types.


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