Persistent Health Myths People Still Believe

Because of the many advances with regards to health and fitness today, many people think that they know more when it comes to health than ever before. But unfortunately, there are some who still believe in certain myths that seem to persist even today. Here are just some of them.

Myth 1: “Alcohol can warm up the body.”

One of the pervading myths out there regarding drinking alcohol is that it can warm up the body. People use this as a reason to keep warm during the cold months. But  this is not true. What alcohol does is to cause your blood vessels to dilate. This enables more warm blood to move closer to the skin, giving the sensation of warmth. But what this does is actually cause you to lose body heat quicker.

Myth 2: “Put cold butter or ice on a burn.”

The sensation of cold butter or ice when placed on a burn can be soothing. But it is not advised as a way to help treat burns. Butter can actually help in spreading the burn rather than prevent it. Ice on the other hand can damage the cells surrounding the burn, making it harder for the tissues to heal.

Myth 3: “If you put your weight on it, it’s not broken.”

When you fall awkwardly and you may have injured your leg. There is a myth that says if you can put your weight on it, then it is not broken. If you have doubts that it may be serious, it is better not to try if you can stand on the injured leg. There are times when you can stand up on a fractured leg. And when you do, there is a chance that it will worsen, especially if you think that it is not broken.


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