Why Drinking Alcohol Is Harmful To The Body

Alcohol drinking has become a worldwide problem. It can turn into a habit that can sometimes become quite hard to stop, especially once the addiction to alcohol has settled in. This unhealthy habit will eventually lead to a number of alcohol-related health problems. One of the reasons why people continue drinking alcohol may be attributed to common ignorance of what alcohol actually does to the brainĀ  and how it affects the body. Here are some of the things that more people should know about alcohol.

Alcohol Is A Poison

The body actually considers alcohol as a poison, something it doesn’t want inside. When ingested, the body tries to get rid of alcohol by processing it in the liver to transform it into the non-toxic compound acetaldehyde. Next the body produces an enzyme known as alcohol dehydrogenase to break down the acetaldehyde even further. And through this processing, too much alcohol can cause damage to the liver.

Alcohol Inhibits Brain Cell Function

While alcohol may not kill cells and neurons, it may still bring some damaging effects, most especially on brain cells. Alcohol can inhibit the neurons and may affect their ability to send signals to the brain.

Even if the blood alcohol reaches 0.8 percent (the level for being considered legally intoxicated) or even up to 0.25 percent, it won’t do a lot of damage to brain cells. But the alcohol content in the blood may have some significant effects on the normal functions of the cells.


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