What You Need To Know About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is considered as the most common cancer in women. Despite the decline in mortality rates over the years, it is still considered as the second leading cause of cancer among women overall. The risk of getting breast cancer goes up with age. Early detection and treatment can help increase the chances of survival. Here are some other facts about breast cancer that you need to know.

Lumps in the breast are the most common symptom.

Feeling breast lumps has been known as the most common way to detect breast cancer in women. Based on studies, a breast lump is present in around 70 to 80 percent of breast cancer cases. Sometimes, it is the only symptom present in most cases. That is why regular breast examination detecting for such lumps is an important means of detecting possible breast cancer early.

Sometimes there are no visible symptoms.

There are instances where breast cancer may not show any visible symptoms. That is why breast cancer screening is essential for women who are known to have higher risks for developing the disease. A yearly breast mammogram is also essential for those who are most at risk. Talking to your doctor about your breast cancer risk as well as when to begin the screening may be important.

Some symptoms do not involve the breast.

Breast cancer may also indicate symptoms elsewhere in the body. This can occur when the cancer remains undiagnosed for a long time and the cancer has spread beyond the breast tissue.  Lumps may start to show on the neck, lower armpits, or in one arm. This may be a signal that the cancer has spread to the other lymph nodes. Other non-specific symptoms may include unexplained fatigue and weight loss. While they also can be symptoms cause by other diseases, they should not be ignored.



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