Common Cancer-Causing Items At Home

Cancer is a deadly disease that has cost the lives of many people worldwide. But it can also be prevented by avoiding using items that are potentially cancer-causing agents. Unfortunately, many homes may be using some things that might increase their risk of getting cancer over time. Here are just some of the common household items to watch out for.

Fluorescent Lighting

A common lighting fixture in most homes, fluorescent lighting can increased the risk of developing cancer. Mercury can be found inside fluorescent bulbs, which is a known carcinogen. Not only that, fluorescent lighting emits high levels of ultraviolet light. Any cracks in the protective layer of the bulb can cause UVA and UVB rays to seep through. Prolonged exposure to dangerous levels of UV radiation can lead to skin cancer.

Styrofoam Products

Styrene, the main ingredient in Styrofoam products, was labeled as a suspected carcinogen.  Aside from Styrofoam cups, it is also found in other household items such as in plastics, in your refrigerator, and even in your carpet. One way to avoid the increased risk is by not buying any more Styrofoam cups or plates. Consider buying paper cup and plate alternatives instead.

Home Insulation Material

Glass wool fibers are considered as a common material used for home insulation. But the material poses as a cancer risk when inhaled. Most at risk for developing cancer are people who work with installing home insulation. Damage to installed home insulation that causes the glass fibers to escape in the air poses the most risk to residents of the home as the fibers can be inhaled.


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