Toxic Items To Avoid At Home

The home can be a source of different products considered to be unhealthy and unsafe. These are common items people overlook that can have an effect on general health and well-being. Here are just some examples of those products that people need to avoid.


People use mothballs to ward off insects from damaging clothes inside closets. But exposure to its active ingredients, naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene, can be toxic. Mothballs turn from solids into toxic vapor over time. Once the chemicals are inhaled in high amounts, they can have a harmful effect on health. You can use safer alternatives to warding off moth and other insects such as by using cedar chips and cloves.

Mildew Removers

When mildew forms on the bathroom tiles over time, people tend to clean them up using mildew removers bought at the supermarket. While they may be able to clean the mildew and the molds, these mildew removers may contain sodium hypochlorite. This compound can cause respiratory issues when inhaled as well as irritation when it comes into contact with the skin. This becomes more of a risk since mildew removers are used inside enclosed spaces like the bathroom shower. A better option would be white vinegar, which can also be effective in removing mildew in the tiles.

Scented Lotions
Lotions you commonly use to smell good all the time may not be that good to your health. It may contain harmful compounds that may have an effect on your endocrine system. Many scented lotions may contain pthalates and BHA. Some lotions may also contain ingredients such as parabens, which is a known carcinogenic compound. A better and more natural alternative is coconut oil as a substitute. Olive oil and cocoa butter may also be considered as other alternative options to smell good.


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